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Mallorca Towns - Alaró Guide

Alaró is a small town about 30 minutes by road from Palma Airport. This provincial, and typically Mallorcaquin town, has a permanent population of approximately 5000. Interestingly, Alaró was the first place on Mallorca to get electricity, with the opening of the islands first electricity generating station in 1900. The greatest reason to visit Alaró is Mount Alaró and, less so, Mount S´Alcadena, which rise from the flat plains and dominate the views from miles around. The whole area has been designated an official area of special natural interest and has abundant olive trees, almond trees with there stunning spring blossoms, ever green oak and pine forests. There are also abundant sheep and goats that clank their way around the stepped slopes of Mount Alaró, but they can be heard much more often than they can be seen!

The land around Alaró is brilliantly suited for walking and hiking with many visitors choosing the beautiful treks to the Puig de S'Alcadena and Clot d'Almedra. A very popular walk from Alaró is the spectacular climb from the town itself up the winding, potholed road, to one of Mallorca's most rewarding attractions, the ruins of Alaró castle and the Mare de Déu del Refugi retreat. The present day ruins of Alaró castle date from the 15th century, and what a job they did in constructing it! It is hard to believe that the castle hasn't organicaly grow out of the rock. A fortification has been present on the site since Moorish times (around 900 AD) and the site is steeped in local legends. The climb from Alaró is steep but very rewarding but for the less able it is possible to drive up to the excellent, and fantastically authentic, Es Verger restaurant and walk the remaining way up the mountain following the path behind.

When you eventually reach the summit, at 800 metres above sea level, you can sit and relax by the evergreen oaks looking back over arguably Mallorca's most stunning views. The view looks across the plains back to Palma and the shimmering blue Mediterranean. Amazingly, as it feels like the top of the world, there is a restaurant and bar at the summit and if you don't feel like leaving just yet you can even spend the night in a small hostel that sits next to the chapel. Also, be sure to say hello to the donkeys that live behind the inn at the summit, they are the only means of getting the beer up the mountain!

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