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Mallorca has it's fair share of visitors each year. As the central hub of tourism in the Balearics, it has a wealth of things to do and see, but there are certain things that draw people to our beautiful island more than others. Below we offer our tips of where to find further information on specific things to do whilst you are holidaying, or maybe thinking of a perminent move to, Majorca.

General guides for tourists in Mallorca are everywhere, after all, you´re reading one right now! But two of our favourites here at Virtual Mallorca are the Palma de Mallorca specific guide which has brilliant travel information including all Palma bus timetables, great hotel info and airport and airline information.

For unrivalled information on restaurants and take away food in all of the major tourist centres in Mallorca (or Majorca!) your first port of call on the web should be This site offers a comprehensive listing of most places to eat out here on Mallorca including . It is Listed by type (chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants etc) and also by area (Puerto Portals, Magaluf, Palma de Mallorca,Pollensa etc) so you should never be short of choice when it comes to choosing a restaurant during your stay on Mallorca.

One of the big draws of Mallorca is the magnificent bay in Palma. This platys host to literally thousands of boats from tiny Mallorcan fishing boats to multi-million pound motor cruisers, the play things of the super rich. If you are a yacht owner, or a yacht owner in the making we recommend an enourmous site that has all the information you may need about boating in Mallorca, from a comprehensive business directory, listed by catagory (sailmakers, Yacht carpenters, bilge cleaning etc) to information about Mallorca´s many harbours and ports. On similar lines, if you are lucky enough to be in the market for a new boat has details of all the major yacht brokers on the island. They can sell you anything, from a rib to a top class Sunseeker motor yacht.

Of course we are not all blessed with the kind of wealth you often see around the bars of Portals, but for a slightly more humble boating experience you might like to charter a yacht for the day. Marlin Marine are one of the leading boat and yacht charter companies in Mallorca, they have years of experience and can charter you a yacht or motor yacht, with or without a skipper to sail it! If Marlin yachts are not for you has contact information for many other companies that charter bareboats and yachts in Mallorca. If you fancy cruising your way to some of Mallorca´s many dive sites has information on the many scuba diving centres and dive sites on the island.

If Golf is your game, then is the site for you. it contains information on all of the golf courses in Majorca and also includes tee times, course maps, course photographs and score cards for every hole on the island.

Finally, if you leave Mallorca with a burning desire to come back and stay forever, like many on the island have, you´ll be needing This terrific site has real estate listings from several of Mallorca´s leading real estate agents and list hundreds of fincas, villas, houses and apartments for sale in Majorca.

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